About Pennington Builders

Bob Pennington started working in the construction industry over twenty years ago on the east coast. Time and experience motivated him to try to improve on standard building and remodeling practices, achieve better organization, and develop more exclusive personalized customer relations. He relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he acquired several jobs of his own, including remodeling newly purchased homes for the purpose of resale. Once he had established his improved remodeling system, Southwest Custom Builders was born. After several years, the business brought in a few select employees with experience tailored to fine remodeling, and Southwest Custom Builders became Pennington Builders. Since 1983 Bob Pennington has led the remodeling business in Albuquerque with a strong select team and unusual expertise.

Pennington Builders is committed to providing superior service for both current and future customers, and has experienced continued growth among its clientele.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Honest, quality service remains our highest priority. We combine new ideas with traditional remodeling practices to bring you fresh, innovative possibilities. We continually review and improve our procedures and, in doing so, improve our performance and your satisfaction.

YOUR REMODEL Pennington Builders encourages communication and customer involvement. If you have new ideas for your remodel or addition, please discuss them with us. This is your remodel; we want you to be happy with the end result.

EXPANSION As our company client base grows, our knowledge and the services we offer will continue to grow. We are constantly learning new "tricks of the trade" and more original options to produce a durable, unprecedented remodel or addition.